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It's time to provide the internet to everyone without the restrictions! No More Overages, Data Caps, Throttling points, Contracts, Credit Checks or Activation Fees

Data Caps

Does your current provider have different prices for the amount of data you can consume per month? Even Satellite Internet will sell packages that limit your usage. They will also cap your speeds and charge a monthly equipment lease!


We do not throttle your data! This is a hard one to believe but almost every carrier, Satellite Company, and hometown rural internet provider does this. They call their data "Unlimited" but this is the farthest from the truth. In the fine print they state at 25GB of data you will receive speeds at 512kbps - that’s worse than dial-up!

Streaming Quality

Most individuals have thought of cord cutting or buying into Netflix, Hulu or Sling TV. Not only do you need an Unlimited, Unthrottled service to do this you need fast enough speeds to keep from buffering. Let’s verify coverage and make this an option for you!

No Teaser Rates

Our rates stay the same. In one two or three months we will not tack on another 25% to your bill. It's the same low price every month.

No Fees

There is no reason to pay an Activation Fee to get your service started. We also do not lease or rent you equipment. Typically, if you rent or lease equipment you will pay twice as much for it over time.

Rural Coverage

Although most cities are going to have many Internet options. Not every rural community has choices or even access. That is where we shine. Rural internet access is our specialty. We utilize cellular towers to provide internet to your home or business.

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  • No Tax/fees
  • No Activation Fee
  • 14 Day Return Policy
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